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The big looming question mark over the UK and less so over the EU, is whether the British public will agree to ritual suicide and vote themselves out of the European Union in June.

Without doubt the elephant in the room; skeleton in the cupboard, and  ghost under the bed is EU economic migration and migrants come to Britain.  This issue of EU economic migrants coming to Britain (or not) might as well be the question on the EU stay or exit referendum ballot paper; because this is not a referendum about national sovereignty or about taking back ‘our’ own steering wheel and foot pedals from Brussels.

These issues are proxy euphemisms used by the warring sides here for stating The Big Issue without actually naming it.  And any taint of racism entering into the immigration issue, and into the ordinary joe-in-the-street’s take on the hordes coming from Europe to work here; such a thought is unthinkable – or at least unsayable without the sayer volunteering her/his public career to the garbage truck.

Once again it is all about ‘seems’; about using ‘coded’ words to express concerns and ideas in public life. Should the UK citizenry vote itself out of Europe then it will have done so overwhelmingly because a majority of those who actually vote on the day wants to stem the flow, the flood, of economic migration coming to Britain from that place.

In private and off the record everyone is able to admit to this less-than-laudable prime motivation behind this awfully big fuss.

But let’s be clear; the migrants coming to the UK are not coming and settling in the places in Britain which house and cater for the better-off section of the population here.  Even so, many of these better-off will vote for an exit, and so for an end to the migrants coming here. It is a strange sociological phenomenon that indiscriminate prejudice against ethnic, racial, economic, and other groups of persons is found statistically to be very often prevalent in areas of the country in which few if any of the people dwelling there actually witness these ethnicities, races, etc dwelling in or even visiting their local areas.

It is these areas who consider themselves British; are patriots; and support the true-blue establishment.  This attitude holds pretty much regardless of social class; although the better-off are always the opinion-forming influences in their various localities.  Thus it is that one will find a farm labourer, or a local shopkeeper airing intentions to vote for an exit from Europe by UK in June.

The economic migrants of all kinds and all nations who arrive on UK shores are generally drawn to live among and mix with the less better-off UK citizens. Towns and cities around the nation, in their poorer districts, become home to these newcomers. It is here where if it is happening significantly at all, that schools and health services are being put under an additional pressure – I really do feel that these claims of pressures on social services are in large part false-flag red herrings; the sort of general propaganda which lodges in the minds and hearts of the less educated lower social classes of the less better-off amongst us here.

You might find my views too sceptical?  This is a very dirty fight going on in the nation about our future in Europe; and there has been decades of time in which animosities on all sides have built up, and now the time has come for gloves to come off and the ordure to be slung heartily and with a vengeance.  The dinner-party classes are adamant about hauling us out of the EU club.

Now for some surmises which I believe are probabilities and they are about migration and the migrant hordes a-coming over here and upon us.

The native UK population is age imbalanced; and has been and shall continue to be for some decades. There are more persons of sixty plus years alive now in UK than the number of the rest of the population combined. Ironically, a great majority portion of the kamikaze squad, who wants us out and will vote for out and maybe get their way, will almost certainly be the victims of the consequences of any exit of Britain from Europe.

Many of these sixty plus citizens are retired and so non-contributory to the work done in the British economy.  These same sixty plus persons are the social group most in need of health services; of elderly and disabled persons’ care and services; of free transport and various other government organised publicly funded welfare benefits.  These benefits are paid for out of taxation of various kinds; much of this taxation coming in as income tax on employed, and mostly hale and healthy, persons’ earnings.

In other words we in UK have a shortage of young persons in the population.  Most especially we project – and the projection is largely undisputed – that we do not and shall continue not to have sufficient young persons at work and earning money and paying taxes, so as to keep the funding of public welfare services in the black.

These economic migrants coming here; they are young; they bring or start young families here; thus they mean to settle and make a fist of their new lives and homeland.  And what is it the British population and economy needs most? Young healthy employed persons. Can you do the math?

But they take our children’s places in our schools, bleat the whinging exiters.  ‘Our’ schools have been reduced in number by policy for some decades now because of the imbalance of the age of our population. There have been few children to educate.  Short-sightedly, instead of considering that we shall need young children to keep our oldies in mittens and hot water bottles, our leaders have not only closed down school buildings, but have largely destroyed them, demolished them, and maybe have sold off the land for readies to fund the needs of our increasing numbers of oldies with. What about that. There’s social policy for you. Don’t you wish you lived in a capitalist liberal democracy?

The young adults coming here from abroad are mostly coming from EU nations like Poland and the Eastern European Balkans and ex-Soviet satellites.  Coming here for them means – one hopes – a better chance in life.  They are the more endeavouring souls amongst their countrymen and women, and of course some are chancers, adventurers, rogues fleeing trouble or justice back home. These types tend to tar the whole batch of migrants with ordure when the British press and media get their hands on any horror stories involving the rogues. Here is my personal experience.

People are coming to my home city in large numbers from Europe and many are settling, starting families and even opening businesses – shops and tradesmen’s services often.  The families are well-dressed, clean, and seem more ‘together’ than many British guys around my locality.  I have not yet been or felt ostracised or threatened or passed-over by, or in the stead of any one of them or in any circumstances surrounding the people I meet who are immigrants.  An elderly guy with a thick Polish accent was the only person to stop and help me load our car with a heavy piece of furniture in the main street late last year.  No-one else from among swarms of passers-by, mostly of ‘us’, volunteered me help. The guy smiled said goodbye and ambled away – nothing else than a very pleasant experience.

We have here in UK a very mixed bag of native citizens. People in my own lifetime have come from Uganda, West Indies, Tristan da Cunah, India, Pakistan, China, Myanmar, Australia, Kenya, South Africa, and many other places (in lesser numbers).  Most of these nationals have children and grandchildren who are British. Not naturalised but native British.  They are and feel and behave British.  They are integrated and are socially accepting and accepted. It has taken time and some very rough rides to get here but on the whole we are tolerant and inclusive and this goes for all of us of any descent or ancestry.

The phenomenon of the descendants of such earlier migrants and migrations to the UK actually being opposed to the migrations and migrants coming in and occurring now is apparent. In some respects, and I say this advisedly and with some regret, it is a parallel to the parable Jesus tells of an Unjust Steward, who begs and receives forgiveness for a huge debt he owes his master; and them goes straightaway and throws into jail a servant of his own after that servant had been unable to clear to the Steward a trifling debt owed by him.

In public life here in UK we don’t speak at all about Jesus. Jesus, like the migration issue is an elephant in the public space. Our schools teach ‘consideration’ and ‘manners’ ‘being cheerful’ and ‘working positively’ but they shy away like it was a contagion, from teaching Jesus and The New Testament (or Old). Partly it is a sensitivity thing – that we are so much a mixed bag of peoples that teaching Jesus is commonly feared to be teaching one-sidedly.  More to the point is that schools duck the incumbency of and issues involved in an engaged and devotional religious education of any kind per se.

Again advisedly I say perhaps the big section of the teaching profession who opt to duck this incumbent duty are similar persons to those whom Jesus told he too would be embarrassed to own them as his likewise when comes The judgement?  This sounds too harsh. And I recant of it; of The Judgement part, I think.  But the embracement, the opting into a committal of personal passion and of oneself and one’s heart to bringing up boys and girls to feel charitable and generous to and for others would be a great addition to our society. Not just from teachers; in social situations in general and from the persons in these who find themselves incumbent to correctly do so.

In such a nurture of charitableness and goodwill might rest our collective salvations here in UK. The hordes of economic migrants coming from the EU might be better welcomed by us; and not for their undoubted utility and benefits they bring to us; but as mere other guys and gals and their kids hoping and trying to make a life for themselves.

We might even prise open our hearts wide enough then to welcome at least some of the hapless left to endure stagnant lives on Turkish and Macedonian borders?  But that might be blue-sky thinking?



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