Contradictions let them stay

Don’t think to reason them away

They are our Meatloaf, heavy metal

They are our carving irons and kettle


Salute their nightlight bright obscurities

Adore their sagacious efficacious absurdities

Amours, allures, propellers of sweet life

Of a sharper blade than any Bowie knife


There on a ledge a pledge tiptoes peep over

Empty abyss, a single kiss, a hand picks clover,

An emblem reminder, a controversial wonder

Hallmark of hung conundrums we live under


Levelling out the polkadotty mottled surface

Of oddities does no person general service

Elated, grateful, let them feather, fly, display, and go

Happy in seeing, and thinking not to know


Your need for carbuncles rumpling head’s sunk inner tube

So as to fit up the factoids as a standard rule

A ready rough measure, support against extremity

And something to savour, delectate; pure vanity


So severs the helix lacerates its thread

So as to magnify crown an encephalic head

To stand upon perfect proofs apropos; albeit sped

On blurted certitudes


Too fulsomely tootyfruity to sustain recount;

Even the laid out surface of this circlet wound about

The gladsome globe itself returns as object and a ground

Of vol-au-vent temerity, grand surveys it confounds


College is power say know by rote affiliations

Sanity dwells in paradigm-design white coats

Shored on a sore assurance; pregnant learning floats

Like continents


Passing into and passing from is all, and all things flow

Cardboard Canutes stood sentinel, en guard would seemly trow

Being known as knowing like an elevated upstarts crow

Interrupters of the tides, or rather make the show


Here can be knowledge unforgiving, ineffaceable

Unfaceable although traceable to Eden’s mortal sin

Fear of the fire inspires desires for fatal instruments

Which fire, it sires, engenders


Know what we know is nothing; insignificance

Salted and peppered, trussed up with impediments

Placed so to baste amongst a stew, as savour added

To a flimsy dish of pickled fish, is also known as – you


When all the razz is over, a pooped pavolva, bimbo’s donkey derby done

When we agree, unanimously, absolute exception none

Then we shall see, and ubiquitously, no palaver, nor yet conundrum

Everything, and that what is true lives, everything, in The Son



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