Metanomalies publication The Future of Internet Piracy Storage

We’re proud to announce this new article in our Future of Piracy series on our Metanomalies community portal.  We explore new technologies (such as storj) which are capable of being leveraged for piracy as well as normal file storage.

[The point of this series is to emphasize that small creative owners (as well as large corporate ones) need to carefully consider the strength of communities to monetize their works rather than (or in addition) to traditional intellectual property.]

Introduction to Professional Web Design

When I originally set out to write this article, the question as I had it in my mind was “How long should it take to design a web site?”  After some reflection, I decided that while this question is a burning one for clients, it would be more comprehensive for me to ask what issues necessarily must be considered when doing design for the web?  What I’ll be doing in this article here is laying out some general areas for consideration, into which we shall delve further in detail in later articles. Continue reading Introduction to Professional Web Design