According to the scientific method

(As we now use – they did not long ago)

Our planet has a beauty which has offered

Gazillion things the Ancients did not do


Time’s clever ones we’ve gained a certain grip

On sentience; enabling us attest

Our oracles invested in assorted sense

Grounded in true perceptions – of the best


Long shadows date-expire our yesterdays

Of old fantastic vacant speculations

Of Looney Tunes who pale beside our pregnant scholars

Whose great advancements sealed in estimations


With generous tape-measured postulates

On stellar progress through a universe

Great science comprehends, with answers tailored

A catechism; chapter, book ‘n verse


Age-old wives’ tales are former and defunct

Undone these hearthstone stories told in lieu of warmth

The cheer of naive peoples under bitter winter’s grasp

Inventive band-aids stanching anxious hearts


Outgrown such humours, future tense prevails

Passed over Old Light nonsense; elegance the tool

Which glittering prizes honour, note and title

Formidable! in shows of shooting stars


Forwards, with opened perspicacious eyes

Sweet scions of advancement scatter light!

Dispelling erstwhile glooms; revealed are stunning concepts

Late impudent lamp-burnings laid, inhumed


And gingerly apace, give proofs and context,

(Good hope, untestable, might not conform)

Declaring they’re the people; and shall with them

Die wisdom; like a vagrant in a ditch


Time’s Worthy’s words are obsolete experience

Spun, done and dusted dreams; bubbles now burst;

Their loss a fine thing; ramblings all divested:

Our certainties repudiate their past.